1. Participation is extremely important.  All students are expected to participate.
  2. 1st hour students must plan their arrival time so that they can get breakfast and not be late to class.
  3. Students who are late to class will receive: 1st - warning, 2nd - 1 lunch detention, 3rd - 2 lunch detentions, 4th - office referral.
  4. Students who are not seated and ready to start class when the bell rings will lose participation points.
  5. Only one student may leave to go to the restroom at a time.  Restroom visits are limited to once per week unless there is a verified health issue.
  6. No students will be allowed to go to the restroom during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes of class.
  7. Books must be off the floor at the end of each class and trash must be picked up. 
  8. Do not ask for make up work!  The Nearpod code for the lesson will be posted in Canvas on the calendar each day.  Online assignments are on Canvas.  Handouts are in the folder by my desk.